We were invited to present a special performance at Arnolfini as part of Encounters Film Festival 2018.

We produced an evening of mesmerising electronic music, live tabla and digital animations, featuring DJ Swami, John Minton and special guest Sunil Kalyan.

Based on PunjabTronix, our international commission featuring artists from the UK and India, this electronic set featured DJ Swami’s live electronic drum machines, synthesizer arpeggios and basslines, layered with the powerful distinct rhythms and melodies of the Punjab, synchronised with John Minton’s visual projections of original digital animations and cinematic Punjabi imagery.

The performance featured a number of traditional Punjabi folk songs, such as ‘Jugni’, ‘Heer’ and ‘Challa’, reimagined for PunjabTronix. Electronic beats, Punjabi melodies and stunning live visuals combined with special guest Sunil Kalyan’s masterful percussion playing.

Visit the event page for more details.

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