PunjabTronix – A New Commission

Punjabtronix is an exciting new international commission from Asian Arts Agency.

Technology meets tradition as cutting edge live electronica and digital technologies combine with the traditional sounds of Punjab in an exciting international collaboration between established British-Indian electronic music producer DJ Swami and traditional Punjabi folk musicians (Vijay Yamla, Naresh Kuki, Dheera Singh, Gurtej Singh), synchronised with unique live mixed digital projections (from John Minton).

The new project had its premier performance in Delhi on the 27th February 2016. Following two residencies in India and Bristol, the debut UK tour of PunjabTronix took place in July 2017.

Combining live electronic dance music with Punjabi dhol drums, vocals, stringed instruments and the hypnotic sounding double flute algoza, the powerful distinct rhythms and traditional melodies of the Punjab interact creatively with live electronic drum machines, synthesiser arpeggios and basslines.

The electric live show features a number of traditional Punjabi folk songs, such as ‘Jugni’, ‘Heer’ and ‘Challa’, reimagined for PunjabTronix, with electronic beats, Punjabi folk instruments and stunning live visuals combining to produce a mesmerising spectacle.


Punjabtronix is a new music project commissioned by Asian Arts Agency to promote international collaborations between artists from England and India. We hope to tour the project both in the USA and India in 2018.


Visit the dedicated PunjabTronix website for further details on this exciting project.

Find out more about the UK debut tour here.

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