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Desert Slide, London, 30th November 2024

The Barbican

Saturday 30th November 2024
The Barbican
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Vishwa Mohan Bhatt brings his Desert Slide ensemble to The Barbican.

Celebrated as one of the world’s most versatile and expressive Mohan Veena (slide guitar) players, presented in association with The Barbican, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt brings his Desert Slide ensemble to the Hall

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt descends from a 300-year-old lineage dedicated to Indian Classical Music. He is renowned for playing the Mohan Veena – a unique instrument born from the modification of a western guitar with the addition of several drone & sympathetic strings. 

Created and led by GRAMMY award-winner Bhatt, Desert Slide stands out as one of the most accomplished and revered ensembles of Indian Classical & Rajasthani folk music. The group comprises five other exceptional musicians, including Rajasthani vocalist Anwar Khan, Pandit Salil Bhattplaying the Satvik veena, Himanshu Mahant on the tabla, Kutla Khan on khartal and vocals and Goram Khan playing the dholak. This captivating ensemble’s unique blend of instruments creates a harmonious fusion that beautifully intertwines Rajasthani Manganyar folk and Indian Classical music.

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