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Hashmat Sultana

Bristol and WOMAD Festival

26 - 29 July 2018
Bristol and WOMAD Festival
26 Jul 18
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The Canteen
9.30pm (on stage)
Free entry - a special WOMAD warm up show
27 Jul 18
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WOMAD Festival
Charlton Park
27 - 29 July
£185 - £225

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Asian Arts Agency is pleased to present the 'Sufi Sisters' Hashmat Sultana at WOMAD Festival this summer.

Popularly known as ‘the Sufi Sisters’ in India, Hashmat and Sultana have been winning the hearts of audiences throughout the world over the last two years with their mesmerising and powerful vocal performances.

Propelled into the limelight in 2016 as part of the Indian talent show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Hashmat Sultana received rave reviews from Bollywood composers Pritam Chakraborty and Sajid-Wajid with their beautiful and electrifying vocal abilities. The aspiring sisters have won over audiences with their refreshing take on traditional folk and ancient Sufi music, performing the mesmerising devotional music of the Sufis with incredible versatility and maturity beyond their years.

With a Domino’s Studio session in 2017 and the release of their single Rang, which has received over 15 million YouTube views in less than a year, Hashmat Sultana have quickly developed a loyal and growing fan base.

Watch Rang on YouTube:

An exciting duo to watch, Hashmat Sultana are the most talented Sufi singers to come out of India in the last two years. If you love traditional folk and Sufi music from the Indian subcontinent, these Sufi Sisters are a must see act this summer.

Watch their Domino’s Studio session: