Sain Zahoor: Sep – Oct 2015

At the end of September 2015, we brought acclaimed Sufi musician Sain Zahoor across the UK in what Pulse Magazine called “a tour of the season”.

The tour was an incredible success, with seven dates in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Burnely, and Nottingham – four of which sold out! Audiences raved about Sain Zahoor’s voice, spirituality, and incredible presence, with some comments across the tour including:

“Sain Zahoor is a legend – Fabulous to see him in Bristol.”

“I enjoyed it so much I was moved to tears.”

“Surreal, amazing, words cannot describe how spiritually healing it was.”

“Absolutely fantastic! Though I didn’t understand his language I still had a massive sense of being told stories. Wonderful rhythms and amazing lungs!”

From Pakistan, Sain Zahoor is a true original. After a recurring dream as a child and being called away from his family, he’s devoted his life to singing at shrines and gained a cult following. The sound of his voice is raw and powerful and the lyrics are surprisingly radical.

With no manager or record deal, in 2006 he was nominated for the BBC World Music Award purely from word of mouth, and has since released records, contributed to film soundtracks, and toured across the world. With his small five-piece ensemble, this charismatic figure is a true holy man who makes an unforgettable impression.

“Fans of the Sufiana kalams claim that seeing and hearing Sain Zahoor in full flow is the closest anyone alive will get to being in the presence of the Sufi mystics of yore” BBC3

Please enjoy our photos from his performance at Colston Hall by Bristol photographer Benjamin Muir and the tour film (both above).

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