South Asian Dance Summit

The South Asian Dance Summit was a two-day strategic and artistic event at Pavilion Dance Bournemouth, in partnership with Dance South West.

In the past Asian Arts Agency has supported, commissioned, and presented artists who have their roots in contemporary and classical South Asian dance, and we felt it was high time that a strategic initiative was set in place.

The summit was essential in supporting South Asian dance distribution, touring, and development in the South West area. The Agency invited curators, programmers, and venue managers from across the south west to see four world premieres, to hear from artists directly, and to learn more about South Asian dance.

In total, twelve events were presented including the premieres of four new dance pieces and discussions and one film screenings. 24 venue representatives and 35-40 artists attended both the event and after show discussions, and networking proved very fruitful.

The summit resulted in four new commissioned works and fifteen bookings, along with the beginning of many new relationships, which it is hoped will continue to develop the presence of South Asian dance in the UK.

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